Monday, December 26, 2011


I'm finally ready to get back in the game. After a rough c-section due to placenta previa I had to receive a blood transfusion and ended up with a difficult recovery. My incision started to split open early in week two post-op and it's been quite a journey since. Sorry, I know, TMI.

Now week six weeks post-op I can say I feel great, still a little sore, but great. And that being said I've had some time to get one of my other books put together. By tomorrow afternoon or evening I'll have uploaded a collection of four short stories titled Not A Nightmare. Make sure you check it out!! Remember, since I self publish there may be errors that the person I have proofread or I don't catch, so if you come across any please shoot me an email to let me know. You guys know I appreciate it!

Just to give you a quick little description of Not A Nightmare:

This is not a collection of scary stories, though a few may be slightly disturbing. The first story branches off from the Secrets of the Hidden series to give a back story to the archangel Troy and his encounter with another important angel from the series. Troy thinks he may have imprinted, but he has to locate her to be sure.

In the second story, of the extraterrestrial kind, Jess finds her love life nonexistent and someone is watching her with the wrong idea about her intentions. With a busy career and money of her own all she wants is someone to go home to. But the universe has other plans for her.

Our third story follows lonely widower, Gregory, in a post world-wide breakout of a man made affliction. The caring man takes in wanderers and opens up his home to help those not infected. All the while he keeps a dark secret locked way.

Farrah faces a ghostly nightmare in the fourth story. After a devastating loss she fights to pick up the pieces and restrain from ripping her boyfriend's mom a new one. She plots to make things right again only finding she has no control over even her own life.