Mistakenly Fallen Series

Follow eighteen year old Clara Kenneth on her journey to find the fallen angel all the demons are after. A brief meeting with an angel gives her all she needs to complete the task. 

Clara will love and lose many in her battles. Her new friends reveal themselves to be more powerful than even they know. Can she stop the demons from taking over earth and keep her friends and family safe in the process?

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This is a short story involving an angel from the Hunt for the Fallen series.

During battle with demons an archangel is gravely injured. He searches for his rescuer immediately following his release from the hospital. All he knows is that she is of a higher class. He is unlucky, her kind reside behind the guarded gates of Ambrosial Arc. Only select individuals may enter the magic city. Alone in the world, this warrior will do whatever it takes to find his soulmate.

Everything she knows is in the Arc. When she risks it all outside the gates, she learns love comes at a great cost.