Thursday, April 26, 2012


Anyone else out there have a gamer hubby? You know, one who has a specific game on the 360, PS3, or computer that they are basically obsessed (addicted) to playing? Yea, that's my hubba. He did go quite a few months with out playing, until about a week ago when my cousin called him urging him to hop on. Now, I'm not against gaming-he has his own room to play in and he's considerate of the families needs-but it does get pretty annoying after a while. Right? The noise, the trash talk, the times...ugh. Anyway :/

I've been working on my new website trying to tweak the details. I'm making the grand attempt at doing it all myself. We'll see how it goes. I may be placing a few calls to my brother for some assistance. I'll post a link when it's finally ready.

As for my ebooks.............It's pretty much all about the covers right now. I'm having a difficult time deciding on the most appropriate covers for each, and I know for sure I'm changing ones that are already published. Yes, indecisive is me.

I have briefly unpublished my short stories ebook due to editing errors and because I wrote a few more stories I want to add. It will be back up soon.

Well, I'm going to hop off here now so that I may work on my site, feed baby, contemplate book covers, play with baby, and pick up my big guy from school. Then, eventually, I will play some dance games on the Kinect because they are fun. (I will admit that my game addictions involve Mario, Sonic, and Donkey Kong. Shhhh) Also thinking about picking up Zumba for 360. I hear it's a great workout- I do have some baby weight to shimmy off.

Until next time!! Have an awesome day, week, month, and heck, year!!