Monday, June 27, 2011

Newest obsession

We're pretty addicted to Netflix lately and once Time Warner decides to add HBO Go as an option I know that'll be our new best friend ( especially since the new season of True Blood has started and they give options for advanced viewings of upcoming episodes through Go!). Lately on Netflix we've been checking out a lot of the nature shows, ya know, real animal kingdom stuff. The big cats are fantastic!

Night is a documentary style show with Brandon McMillan in which he tries to film animals in their natural habitats at night. I get so excited when I see people get close to huge beasts, mostly because I think everyone has a morbid fascination with risk and danger.

 Personally I love wild animals. They're gorgeous and majestic, completely deserving of the natural word. Man being the world's number one predator is really destroying all that is beautiful. The number of extinctions and near extinctions due to man are disgusting. It breaks my heart to watch these shows and see what we do to the earth and all its creatures.

One day, when I actually can dedicate time to it, I'd love to get involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation. That's a distant goal :( . Until then I gots the indescribable job of having kiddies to raise. One day, though, one day.