Thursday, June 16, 2011


I just uploaded Hidden Among Us online. Now I know that even with all the proofreaders I can find there is still a chance of editing errors. If any are found please email me at to let me know so that I may correct them. Please excuse the errors in this post, I am using my phone and it is acting weird.

Another note: I have come to the understanding that some people may find this book to start out a little slow. I did this on purpose because I feel it is important to the story. Cross my heart, if you do try the 15% sample, just give the rest of the book a chance and you will find the result much more satisfying.

Without much credit under my belt to back me up, I can only go on my word. As a first time, self-publishing ebook author, I have my fingers crossed and will not only openly accept criticism but welcome it! Just be nice when you're being mean, please.