Monday, January 2, 2012


For some reason Barnes and Noble is labeling Not a Nightmare as part of the Secrets of the Fallen Series which it is definitely not. It also has a review linked to it from my book Hidden Among Us. I'm trying to figure out how to rectify this. I'm not having the same problem with Amazon, all seems fine there. I'm hoping once it gets uploaded to Apple and Sony I won't have a similar issue.

As for reviews, my sales go up but there aren't any reviews. If you enjoyed reading one of my books please feel free to write a review. Even if you didn't I'd like to hear what you didn't enjoy. Whether you want to write a review or email me I always appreciate it. Those who have sent me emails in the past about editing issues know how grateful I am. And to all the new readers who don't already know-if you find any grammar/spelling/punctuation (proofreading/editing) mistakes please, please, please email me with them. I can not even count how many printed books by various authors that I've read with numerous editing errors. Since my books are ebooks I can control those, but sometimes I miss things as do the people who proof for me. That being said, please email me at if you find anything or have any criticism.

Thanks again to all the readers out there!!