Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh So Complicated

Hello!! First off let me just say that I have four books in various states of editing and completion. I don't have definitive dates for the upload of them. One in particular is a children's book my son helped me write and I happen to be very excited about that one. As soon as they are up I will blog it up.

On to funny times... apparently our Pomeranian thinks the baby is capable of playing fetch at four months old. Misa (named after Misa Amane from the Death Note anime), has been apart of our family since she was six months old. She's now three years old and this is the first infant she's been around for long periods. Toddlers are her favorite and she is so gentle with them. Every time the baby is in his chair Misa brings him one of her toys, setting it in his lap, then waits patiently for him to toss it. She will wait forever. Eventually I have to throw it, but she takes it right back to him. Another thing she likes to try to do is sit in his lap which is not very successful. I hate scolding her because she isn't hurting him or even trying to hurt him, but I can't figure out how to let her know, and get her to understand, that he's too little. She's a tiny work in progress. How does one get a dog to understand such things?

Until next time...A good week to all!!