Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Things and stuff, all jumbled, a mess

A new web comic has been added! Check it out:


On another note.....................I turn 30 this weekend! I'm so excited (not sarcastic, I swear). Rather than have a big party with a bunch of friends that I see all the time. I decided I wanted to spend it with my brothers and their girlfriends. Even though we are 400+ miles apart, they will always be my best of friends. Unfortunately one brother just bailed due to work obligations which I understand. But my youngest brother will be here Friday!

This weekend will be packed with everything and anything we can do. So that means a lot careful of beach time (too many shark attacks here in NC), games, drinking (naturally), something adventurous, and a possible trip to Myrtle. And maybe we'll meet up with a few friends.

I really need a big dose of family in light of recent events.

Oh, and I really want to start some give-aways, for both my books and web comics. I started making some little stuffed Ruby dolls and have a few other ideas. If anyone from the comic site happen over here, leave a comment on Tapastic or my Facebook to let me know you are interested. I'll make a post for those sites in a few days ;)

Well, I'm off to clean and work on some more stuff.

Have a wonderful day/evening and please be good to one another!